Here at B & R Dentists we are committed to helping you maintain great oral health and hygiene. We encourage you to have regular check ups and dental cleanings. We know that overtime teeth accumulate plaque, tartar, buildup and stains which is why at each check up Dr. Kashlan will evaluate the current health of your gums. If not professionally removed on a regular basis, bacterial deposits can progress into gingivitis and/or periodontal disease. If periodontal disease is left untreated it can lead to tooth loss and other oral and overall health issues.

At B & R Dentists, Dr. Kashlan offers dental cleanings for the entire family. We welcome all families weather they are seeking a general dentistry, regular checkups or are experiencing bad breath, swollen, irritated, or bleeding gums. Dr. Kashlan will discuss the treatment necessary to promote healthy gums, underlying bone support and overall oral health.